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Welcome to International and Domestic Arbitration Centre India, a premier International Arbitration Institution based in India and promoted by arbitration practitioners. IDAC India provides neutral, efficient and reliable dispute resolution services in this emerging hub of Asia's industrial and commercial activity and also upholds the highest standards in the International and Domestic Arbitration practice area. IDAC India introduced its arbitration rules in 10/2015. These rules incorporate some of the leading developments in domestic and international arbitration, while conforming to Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.

In this era of Globalization, commerce and investments require simple and straight forward approaches to resolve disputes. The modern business requires prompt resolution of disputes with less complexities instead of a weakening court system with extensive procedures and high complexities. The amendments in the Indian Arbitration Rules will be an added advantage which aims to bolster institutional arbitration in India.

Domestic Arbitration

Domestic Arbitration

Domestic arbitration in India, is an arbitration conducted as per the procedural law of India and in a seat (Place) in India. The Procedural law in India is Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996. There are two types of arbitrations in India which are classified as Domestic Arbitration.


International Arbitration

International Arbitration

IDAC India can handle International Arbitrations seated in India. International arbitration seated in India, is an arbitration conducted as per the procedural law of India and in a seat (Place) in India. The Procedural law in India is Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996.


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Bill to make India arbitration hub gets Rajya Sabha Approval

The Rajya Sabha on Thursday passed the Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill that seeks to make India a hub of arbitration for settling commercial disputes within a stipulated time.

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Taking a Load Off the Courts

Change the perception of India

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Institute of World Business Law, International Court of Arbitration

Scrutiny by the ICC Court , Signing and notification of the award ,Correction / interpretation / remission of awards , Making enforceable awards

On December 12th, 2017
Cairo , Egypt

Become Panel Arbitrator

of IDAC India

IDAC India has an experienced panel of arbitrators from different fields of commercial and professional activities.

IDAC India arbitrators are selected from experienced professionals, domain expert and business leaders.


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User Council Membership

User council is formed by IDAC India, to promote arbitration among members and to support them with various knowledge development programmes, training programmes on arbitration, access to resources etc., User council membership is given to Corporates, professionals and arbitrators.

Model Arbitration Clause

Parties can decide the contents of the arbitration clause, on the basis of their legal advice. But sometimes parties incorporate arbitration clauses which require a judicial interpretation, since they are not clear. It is very important that the arbitration clause discloses basic information to form a complete arbitration clause.

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